Sell with Lease Deal Market

It’s time to sell off your used equipment and you have plenty of options how to do it. There are auctions, dealer consignment, brokers and selling privately.

Auctions are fast but you risk a low selling price and the cost of their service will run you about 10% of your equipments value. There are inspection fees, transportation costs, and time lost while it sits waiting for the auction date. Payments are secure and almost immediate after the sale.

With dealers and brokers you have more control over your selling price but will also cost you about 10% of your equipments value for their service. You may have to park your equipment while it’s for sale costing you both time and money with no telling how long it will take to sell. Payments are secure and almost immediate after the sale.

Selling privately allows you to keep your machine working while it’s for sale. You have full control over the selling price and by selling yourself save the thousands of dollars in commission and fees related to auctions and brokers. When using a multilisting service like and combining that with leasing package by LeaseDeal, your selling just like a dealer. Producing more leads through wider advertising channels to a broader market by offering leasing. The result is selling your equipment faster for more money!


Lease Deal Market Listing Package

Multiple listings on the top national and local sites with Buyer Leasing:

Your Listing detailed with Pictures and Unlimited Description
Buyer Leasing right on your Listing
No Commission or Post Sale Fees
Leasing Agent on call to work with your Buyer
Placement on Multiple National Websites
Web ads continuously monitored and maintained optimizing search engine results.
Exposure to hundreds of thousands of potential buyers
Price changes or listing updates included
Friendly Customer Service & Marketing support by Phone or Email