Getting a LeaseDeal is Easy


A LeaseDeal Canada Equipment Lease is the fastest, most flexible way to get the machinery you want, when you want. In six simple steps, you could start putting to work the equipment you need to make your business excel.

Step 1: Select your Equipment

Select from anywhere in Canada or the United States, whether it be from a dealership, private owner. Most of our leases are for Heavy Machinery, Heavy Trucks, Commercial Vehicles, but we can finance any just about anything needed for business from $20,000 to $5,000,000.

Step 2: Establishing Lease Finance Terms

We agree on a lease-end residual value for your equipment, and while the lease is in place, you make payments based on the difference between the amount financed and the residual value.

Step 3: Submit your Lease Application

At leaseDeal Canada we take your application by phone, get to know you and your unique story for an approval best suited to your needs. Contact us to request a lease specialist to call.

Step 4: Sign your Lease Contracts

We will expedite the delivery of your equipment by providing leases electronically.  By phone we will review and sign your lease contracts together, page by page.  Once copies of the lease, and required documentation are received by LeaseDeal Canada notifies your seller to arrange for delivery.

Step 5: Take Delivery

LeaseDeal Canada funds the selling dealer or private seller immediately upon receipt of executed lease contracts, vehicle/equipment registration documentation, and a properly endorsed certificate of insurance.

Step 6: Lease Expiration

When your lease expires, you have four options:

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Industry Experience
Our lease specialists have decades of experience tailoring lease packages to fit all different types of leasing needs. Whatever the industry, whatever the asset. Our experienced specialists will always find the ideal solution for your company.

Key Benefits of Leasing:

  • Up to 100% write off.
  • Conserve Capital and credit lines.
  • Keeps asset / liability off your financial statements.
  • Low monthly payments allow you to add attachments to your equipment for little difference in monthly payment.
  • Protect your personal buying power.

Why so many business choose LeaseDeal:

  • Quick approval process.
  • Up to 100% leasing.
  • Programs for any type of business asset.
  • Simple documentation.
  • Financials may not be required for Approval.
  • Quickest funding practices in the industry.
  • A, B and C Credit programs available.
  • Services to Vendors & Private Sellers.
  • Programs for New and Established Businesses.

Ongoing Customer Service

With the programs we have in place, we are able to track and manage your lease portfolio, and contact you before lease end to let you know what your end of term options are.