Advertising Agreement

Advertising Agreement

This agreement is accomplished for purposes of clarifying the roles, responsibilities and liabilities of both contracting parties. By providing payment for an advertising package, the Owner thereby acknowledges their understanding and acceptance of the terms set forth in this Agreement and their consent to abide by its stipulations: is organized as a specialized internet advertising company. is licensed as neither a dealer nor commercial broker of vehicles and does not engage, exchange or dispose of any motor vehicles. is prohibited by law from collecting commissions from the sale of motor vehicles. Under no circumstances within the scope of this Agreement will solicit or accept from the Owner any commissions or charges of any kind after the sale. will in its best efforts by way of marketing/advertising, continuously advertise and market sellers auto until sold. Seller agrees they may be contacted by to review listing from time to time. Seller agrees to notify in a timely matter on the completion of a successful sale. will itself utilize various marketing resource networks which may include but are not limited to:,,,,,, Buysell, Auto Trader,,,,,,,,, etc. Not all vehicles utilized by will qualify for all sites.

Liability Disclaimer:

Vehicles sold utilizing services are sold on an "as-is" basis. is not responsible for any commissions, transportation fees, vehicle repairs, or any other costs associated with the sale of any vehicle. makes no claims to have definite buyers available for any vehicle at any given time, and provides no guarantees that any vehicle will be sold within any specific time period or for any specified sale price.

Cancellation Policy:

All sales of advertising services are final upon receipt of advertisement web links. Refunds are to only be offered at the discretion of the managament on an individual basis. Any discrepancies are subject to the policies contained within this Agreement. As provides Owners with access to audit, edit, and/or alter their advertisements on; the OWNER is responsible for all content (including vehicle description and images), context, and appearance of their individual advertisement.’s policy is to assist and cooperate with all Owners in the appearance of their ads. To reiterate, the responsibility of the ad's content is the Owners'.